Proven Knowledge of coach education, club development and elite player development across 3 continents, working and understanding the difficulties of cross-cultural environments.

Proven ability in building a player pool from mass participation, talent ID to find and develop future professional players using modern methods such as match analysis, periodization and individualized player targets.
OSC helps to educate coaches, players, clubs and federations to understand what they need to be successful. 
Simply taking a coach from, for example – Germany – and expecting the German method to work in Thailand might be successful in the short-term but long term, the local coaches need to be educated by that coach to transfer knowledge, to make best use of hiring that coach to have success.
Within a large coaching organization; whether local or national – the Lead staff must leave a legacy behind them; leave a fully documented playing style (Model of Play), coaching and coach education strategy, and talent ID process.
This ensures that the organization are fully operational after the technical staff leave.
This is what OSC do.
We work with clubs and federations to implement long term strategies, find the right people who will implement these plans then help the organization function as normal during inevitable transition phases.

Understanding the difficulties and complexities of working in cross-cultural environments

A coaching ethos which works in England is unlikely to be directly transferable to Spain, or USA. There will be things which work, but many things which don’t. The way people interact with each other, language differences, the school system and mentality towards developing sport and football in each nation have similarities but also many differences.
Similarly, a coaching program which works in Spain is unlikely to be directly transferable to working in China. 
Why? Cultural differences.
The technical and tactical program and way of teaching, the language used and the format may be able to be used to form a basis, but there will be many things which need to be adapted to work successfully in China.
Scotland, Switzerland, Spain, India, Canada, Togo, Mongolia, China, Rwanda – some are similar culturally, some are very different. They all have one thing in common; they want to improve their football programs, via coach education systems and player development pathways. 
Simply taking the ideas or coaches from other nations such as UK/Spain/Germany/France and hoping it works in completely different countries without having a clear implementation method, will be an inefficient, expensive learning process.
OSC can help develop the infrastructure to provide a framework to work towards success in the long term, and assist in finding the right people to work with to improve your football development processes. OSC Educated coaches will be provided the platform to work with us and our partner clubs and federations to provide a cohesive working strategy.