Onside Soccer Consulting; Club and Coach Partnership Scheme

  • Clubs receive a 10% discount, and gain exclusive access to being able to network with OSC partner clubs and coaches from across the world
  • Clubs can arrange for coach education weekends for the staff of the club, for any theme of duration to be agreed with OSC.
  • Clubs who are in need of coaching staff, can contact OSC who will look for suitable candidates to fill a position of any duration.

Coaches who join the OSC partnership scheme gain access to coach mentoring, session plan assistance, coach education days and preparation help before courses such as the UEFA B or A Licence, or any other course that the candidate may be on.

How can being part of the OSC partnership scheme help me?

Coaches on the OSC partnership program, will be in line to be put forward for work with our partner clubs – providing a career pathway from entry level with OSC, to continual professional assistance once inside the club environment.

Clubs or federations who are an OSC partner, will be able to use OSC as a recruitment agent to find coaches who have been educated by OSC to fill spaces that they may have within the football organisation.

This means that the organization will be safe in the knowledge that they are getting a well educated coach who will be of a high quality and understands the values of both the organization and OSC, and will work to the high standards demanded of them.

Offsite/Part Time Technical Director or Head of Coaching

A role for clubs who maybe cannot afford a full time Technical Director/Head of Coaching but need a professional to develop the club on the football side. This is perfect for small clubs or ones who are new and need a solid development strategy to give them the best chance of success in the long-term.

Working with OSC to implement a documented identity, player development strategy, and a coach education program removes the risk of working with an expensive TD on a FT salary which may not be required.

Club Visits

Our lead consultant will visit the club, meet the staff and watch sessions, to look for ways to improve the operation of the club on the training field.

The consultant will perform educational work during the visit for the staff and provide continual support afterwards.

Club Development Strategy

What we want to see in 5-10 years, how we make the process happen, and constant assistance along the journey to excellence.

We help you figure out what the club should look like, what the output will be and how to develop a cohesive plan year on year to get there.

Identity – Philosophy – Coaching Program – Coach Education