Are you a coach who wants to improve?

Onside SC can help you.

Coach Mentoring Program

Coaches looking for individual assistance to improve their tactical understanding, and how to create more game realistic session plans to improve player and team performance. Together, we can arrange courses for 6, 12 and 18 weeks. Sessions are 30-45 minutes via skype, with tasks given to guide your tactical understanding. Written feedback is given for all tasks which should be submitted before the next consultation.

Contact or @Onside_SC to arrange a free, 30 minute consultation to find out how we can help you.

Course Preparation

We offer 12 week preparation courses to help guide you through the UEFA A and B Licence. The course is designed to give you the best education to fully prepare you for an upcoming course, or to offer assistance during the year to help improve your ability to successfully complete the course and move onto the next one.

Training Curriculum, Session Design, Game Plan Preparation

Curriculums; Creating a logical developmental path over multiple years; from one week, month, year onto the next. Preparing players for the next developmental stage

Session Structure; The layout of a session for 60-90 minutes, the breakdown, transition times and periodization of sessions to work at the effort level required to improve speed, endurance and recovery times.

Session Design; Do you have a clear focus for what the players learning objectives will be? If yes, what practices will be best for them on that day, and how will it guide their development in the future?

Game Plan implementation; How will you devise a strategy and sessions to beat your opponent?

You’ve analysed a match, you need to find a way to design 1-3 key sessions to get across your strategy of how you will win. You ensure the players understand how to win when the match starts. You’ve prepared the team as well as you can, its now up to them.

Don’t leave games to chance; be fully prepared by improving your match analysis, identifying ways to win, and how to create sessions to guide your players towards victory.

Without a clear plan, we cannot perform at any level.

Onside Soccer Consulting will help you better prepare your players to perform at the highest level they can, and improve you as a coach in the process.

Contact or @Onside_SC to arrange a free, 30 minute consultation to see how we can help you achieve your goals in football.

Pre-season periodization planning and implementation

Play football to get fitter, not “get fit to play football”.

Develop your style of play while getting fit!

Technical-Tactical-Physical work in pre-season and give your team a huge advantage over the opposition.

Match Analysis

Analysis of the team structure, movements, patterns and looking for ways to improve the performance of the group.

Coach/Club/College/Federation provides the footage via dropbox.

Player Analysis

Looking at the positioning, body shape, decisions, movements and actions of the player within the game. Looking for ways to improve performance by the individual to aid the team performance.

Player/Coach/Club/Federation provides the footage via dropbox.