Tactical Teacher

Tactical Teacher is a multi-layered, football tactics and tactical education platform which guides users through a wide-range of tactical ideas, theories and applied concepts using examples from teams all over the world.

Users will be assigned tasks throughout the course to enhance and solidify learning in their own time, with access to the materials as you go.

During each course, there will be live in-play examples of the concept happening, tactical diagrams to show and explain each aspect, analysis of each scenario and videos from teams who have shown this specific concept.

Free Download link to an excerpt of Controlling Transitions – https://www.onsidesoccerconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Transition-Free-Download-pdf.pdf

Want to build up like Man City? Press like Liverpool? Go man-man like Atalanta? Play in a compact 4-4-2 like Villarreal? Play high-tempo transitional football like Red Bull? Set pressing traps like PSV? Dominate possession like Celtic? Rotate positions like Yokohama? Use a target man like Union Berlin?

Over the 4 new courses – Introduction, Build up play, Proactive Possession, Compact Defending – users will learn how to see, analyse, interpret and create ways of turning analysis into insight and how to implement ideas into their training sessions.

Users in over 110 countries have benefitted from the Tactical Teacher program since it was originally launched in 2018 and with the new app in development, soon coaches will be able to use the program content in training sessions, player meetings and coaching discussions to help the visual learner.

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